The World Wide Web (Web) is a major, if not a primary, source of information for many people. Acknowledging that the 威斯康星大学史蒂文斯角分校 (University) is engaged in web development and publishing for all its constituencies, 本政策规定了网页可访问性的最低标准.

Information made available electronically can be structured so that all individuals, 无论残疾与否, 可以通过桌面或移动网络浏览器访问它吗, 语音应用程序, 移动应用程序和许多其他技术. Accessible design practices can ensure University documents are readable by all who need them. The University, 和UW系统一起, 认可《线上巴黎人官方》(WCAG), Version 2.0, of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as the standard for Web accessibility and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. W3C is composed of over 400-member organization worldwide developing common protocols to promote the evolution of the Web and ensure its interoperability. 作为其工作的一部分,W3C已经为网络制定了可访问性指南. The standards of the Federal Rehabilitation Act Section 508 (Section 508) are consistent with the W3C Guidelines and provide achievable, 良好记录的实施指南.


  1. 所有新发布或修订的网页和其他网络资源, hosted or otherwise provided by the University must be in compliance with the web standards defined in the most recent version of Section 508. Additionally, it is strongly suggested that University web pages and resources strive to comply with the WCAG 2.0 AA无障碍标准, 或者随着网络技术的进步,未来的版本可能会取代它们.
    1. 如有特殊要求, 有关遗留网页和资源的信息, 以及那些在档案状态(e.g. no longer in use but subject to records retention plans) containing core administrative or academic information, official records, 类似的信息, 是否可供任何需要访问此类内容的个人访问, 通过修订或其他方式. Legacy web pages and resources will be considered those that are published prior to September 1, 2015. The unit responsible for the information is responsible for providing that access as soon as possible.
    2. 什么构成了网页或其他网络资源是广义的解释. 它不依赖于客户端或主机设备的类型, 客户端或主机设备上的软件类型, 或者客户端和主机通过Web进行通信的技术手段.
  2. Web pages or resources specifically requested to be made accessible as part of a formal accommodation request shall be made accessible as soon as possible, 或应提供同等有效的替代办法. “同样有效”意味着它传递的信息和提供的内容是相同的, if possible, 类似的功能和网页或资源一样及时.
  3. Campus developers shall implement accessible design practices when creating web applications. 用于通过请求建议书(RFP)流程采购的web应用程序, 可访问性必须包含在首选的产品特性中. For all Web applications, accessibility must be considered during the selection process. Vendors whose products are under consideration will be asked to provide Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs). 如果web应用程序不能以可访问的格式提供, 或者它的购买是否会构成不适当的负担, 选择无法访问的产品的原因必须有文件记录. 用于通过RFP流程采购的产品, the selection of inaccessible products requires the approval of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in consultation with the Disability and Assistive Technology Center (DATC) and/or the Center for Inclusive Teaching and Learning (CITL).
  4. All web pages or resources created or maintained by the University must contain a link to a contact where users having trouble accessing content can seek help. 这通常是web开发者或发行商. 仅添加链接或联系人是不够的, in and of itself, to comply with the 信息和通信技术无障碍政策.


首席信息官与数据中心和CITL协商,监督实施情况, training, education, technical support, and the monitoring of compliance according to the standards and recommendations set forth in this policy.

虽然数据中心不负责执行, 电子无障碍资源的培训或制作, the DATC will maintain a contact list of staff capable and willing to assist in the development of accessible materials so that developers may contact the DATC for referral information. The CITL will be responsible for the oversight of online accessibility of course and instructional material development.

每个UWSP单元都在大学网站上存在, 比如一个部门, division, organization, or program must be in compliance with accessibility standards according to the timelines established in this policy. Each unit is also responsible for insuring that adequate staff and financial resources are allocated to enable such compliance. Site authors are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their web content is current, correct, functional, 和符合标准的.


This policy and its implementation will be reviewed beginning no later than September 30, 2020年,此后应每3年审查一次. A committee shall be composed of no less than 6 members drawn from: the 信息技术 Council, the faculty, The DATC, 持续教育及外展, 大学传播与市场营销, the CITL, 大学ADA协调员办公室, 信息技术, and a student - preferably a person with a disability who is affected by this policy. The 信息技术 Council shall be responsible for forming the review committee. 审查应是一个公开的过程, 欢迎校园内其他人员或单位提出意见和建议.





  1. All new webpages and other web resources must comply with our minimum accessibility guidelines.
  2. UWSP将争取在9月1日之前发布所有其他网站资料, 2015年(遗留材料)9月1日前可获取, 2017.
  3. 如有特殊要求 legacy materials will be made accessible to anyone needing that material as soon as possible by the unit responsible for that material, 或者提供一个传递相同信息的替代方案.
  4. Web applications developed on campus will be created using accessible design practices. Purchased web applications will have accessibility among the preferred product features. 如果web应用程序不可访问, 或者购买它将是一个不适当的负担,那么原因必须记录在案.
  5. All web pages will have a link to a contact where users having accessibility issues can seek help.
  6. Implementation, training, education, technical support and the monitoring of compliance will be overseen by 信息技术, but each unit and site author is ultimately responsible for making sure their web content is accessible.